Out-going survey

The job involves :

  • Setting up an appointment between the landlord and the tenant of the property, after the tenant moved out.
  • Checking the property with both parties
  • Recording the eventual damages on the property in written and pictographic forms.
  • Providing a fair and mutually agreed evaluation for those damages
  • Taking meter reading for all the utility services ( gas, water, electricity, ect )
  • Providing a typed report for both the landlord and the tenant within the three weeks.

The expert can act for both parties, his costs will then be split between the two parties, however the tenant or landlord may request their own expert.

Minimal price (€)

  Price for each party
if mandated by both parties
Total price
if mandated by one party
  H/T.V.A. T.V.A. A/T.V.A. H/T.V.A. T.V.A. A/T.V.A.
Flat 103.30 21.70 125.00 206.60 43.40 250.00
Furnished Flat : additional price On request
House 125.00 26.25 151.25 250.00 52.50 302.50
Villa 150.00 31.50 181.50 300.00 63.00 363.00
Furnished house : additional price. On request