Technical reports

1 Technical advice

The job involves :

  • Visiting the property.
  • Recording & analysing the technical problem.
  • Providing a report resuming a statement of the possible causes and the possible solutions.

2 Technical Report

The job consists in :

  • Visiting the property.
  • Recording the existing technical problems.
  • Providing a drafting report with a precise decription of those problems in written and pictographic forms.
  • Giving an evaluation of costs for the necessary associated renovations required.
  • Giving an advice regarding the possible appeal against the responsible person.

Barême d'honoraires (€)

  H/T.V.A. T.V.A. A/T.V.A.
Technical advice (visit only) 200.00 42.00 242.00
Technical advice (visit & report) 200.00 42.00 242.00
Technical Report 300.00 63.00 363.00

Several properties simultaneously on request